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Healthy Eating

The nursery operates a healthy eating policy:

•    All children will be offered suitable foods; this will include children with dietary requirements and allergies.

•    Parents of children with special diets will be asked to provide as much written information as possible.

•    Milk or water will be served at snack time

•    All dairy products used in nursery will be full fat.

•    Water will be available at all times.

•    Parents will be asked to provide a healthy lunchbox, and will be advised of suitable contents.

•    Parents will be advised if their child is not eating well.

•    Staff will sit with children while they eat and will provide a good role model for healthy eating.

•    Children will be encouraged to develop good eating skills and table manners and will be given plenty of   time to eat.

•    Children will be provided with their own toothbrush and toothpaste (with parental consent) and will be encouraged to brush their teeth after lunch.

The nursery is a member of the local healthy teeth initiative “SMILE”. Tooth brushing routines are included at snack time. All children are included in Health initiatives and will be provided toothpaste and brush each term.



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