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Membership & Fees


Buddies is a membership led organisation and all families who access our services become members.

Membership is paid annually with a family fee of £6.00 per year and a single parent family fee of £3.00 per year.

Member can attend the AGM and have the opportunity to become board members.

To download a membership form click here.


We base our fees for all services on the individual needs of services users. Once we have carried out an assessment will discuss the fees for the services you have chosen.

We invoice fees on a monthly basis and ask all parents to pay promptly. If there is funding from social work or any other outside agency we will discuss the parental fees with you once your provider has confirmed their support.

All parents pay a small fee towards services to help pay for extras such as trips, outings, resources and catering.

Personalisation and Self Directed Support: See separate section of the web-site as fees are included in individual support plans.



Buddies Clubs and Services (Glasgow West) Limited
Southbrae Centre, 190 Southbrae Drive, Glasgow G13 1TX
Tel: 0141 434 0201 | Fax: 0141 434 0410 | buddies@buddiesglasgow.org.uk
Company Registration No. SC163352 | Registered Scottish Charity SC024503

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