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FAQ's and Handbook

We get lots of questions from parents and much prefer to chat to you directly. Julie and her team are available at all times. Here are a few questions often asked.

Q: Do we have to pay fees if our child is unwell and cannot attend nursery?
Answer: Yes we have to keep staff available and keep the nursery running during any absences.

Q: We are not sure what foods to provide in packed lunches.
Answer: We have a healthy eating policy and will give you lots of help and ideas. Do come and chat to us as the staff are very good at new and different suggestions.

Q: Do we have to pay for trips and outings?
Answer: Small trips and outings which are part of our curriculum are funded by the nursery but larger trips such as Our Christmas family trip and our Summer Family Trip we do ask you to pay towards these.

Q: What happens if I cannot collect my child and ask a friend to do so.
Answer: You must ensure we know who is collecting and discuss with the staff who will provide a secure password. If we do not know someone who arrives we will NOT hand over children without full permission.

Q: What if I get caught up in traffic and am running late?
Answer: Just let us know and we will ensure staff are available to cover such incidents.
Regular lateness will however incur an extra charge.

For any other issues get in touch.
Nursery Handbook

Please click here to view the latest copy of our Nursery Handbook.

If you have any problems viewing it please contact the Nursery Manager for a copy.



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