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Personalisation and Self Directed Support

We believe that Personalisation and Self Directed Support could offer great opportunities for everyone affected by disability we are greatly concerned at how it has been implemented and the lack of appropriate services available for people within Self Directed Support Agenda. We intend to start a parent/carers led campaign and involve our young people themselves to give input into development of service provision. Further information and contact details will be available soon.

Autism Strategy

The Scottish Government Launched the Autism Strategy on the 2nd of November 2011.The strategy can be download from the Scottish Government Website.
Description: Scottish Strategy for Autism to ensure that progress is made across Scotland in delivering quality services for people with Autism and their families.

Do you feel this is happening? We are concerned and need your help to ensure the strategy becomes a meaningful document.
Qualifications for staff working with ADULTS

Are you aware that at present any staff working with young adults/adults within the community or in home based care do not require to have a qualification. Only staff working in residential care settings must have an appropriate qualification  or be working towards one. Staff do require to be PVG checked. We believe that this lowers the standards of care offered to our young people. All staff working with Adults should not only have some sort of qualification or appropriate training but required to be registered with the S.S.S.C. There are very strict rules for chidcare so what is the change when our young people grow up which some how means no qualifications or regulations
Wage Incentive Scheme

We feel disabled young people are missing out on a plethora of experiences that could be afforded to them in smaller Third Sector organisations whilst Wage Incentive Scheme appears to favour larger companies able to absorb the additional costs involved. We try to highlight the needs of our young people when ever we have an opportunity.



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