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We provide a variety of community outreach based services. These are developed around the individual needs of our families. They cater for ages 5-35 years. Individual community outreach is mostly on a 1-1 or 2-1 basis. We meet our families and discuss individual needs before preparing support plans from these assessments.

The categories of support are:

Home Services

Young people are supported in their own home environment with the aim of improving life skills, personal care skills and promoting independence.

Structured Weekly or Daily Activities

We support young adults to attend leisure activities within the community. We also assist them to attend college courses, dance development and art programmes. We are happy to discuss any other ideas which families might have for their young people’s development.

Unstructured Weekly and Weekend Activities

Here young people enjoy different activities which as far as possible they have input in choosing on a weekly basis. These are not only provided on an individual basis but we also have group activities for either young ladies or young men to go out together to movies, meals, cinema and dances.

As with all our services we like to get to know everyone before we offer services. This is especially important in ensuring not just correct levels of support to access activities but the right mix within our community groups for trips and outings.

The outreach service is now well established and will expand with the Personalisation and Self Directed Support Agenda.

Once again contact us directly to discuss your needs.





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