Adult Clubs

Evening Clubs

Our evening adult clubs have been developed from our teenagers as they have moved into adulthood. These also run at present on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7.00pm to 9.00pm. The Monday club is male dominated with all the usual activities from football, snooker, badminton, swimming the gym and a range of different outings and trips. There are always at least two options on offer and the lads themselves have a big influence on the six week planning process promoting life skills and choice.

Wednesday night is ladies night with all the usual sorts of things ladies of all ages enjoy. These range from musical events, pampering evenings to organising fashion, dance and arts and crafts.

All our evening clubs are geared towards individual needs but an influence on inclusion and mixing with peers is encouraged as appropriate. Everyone is very friendly and really enjoy welcoming new members.

As with all our services fees are based on the level of support required to enable full participation. Contact us directly for application packs and further information.


Events Calendar

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