Membership and Fees


Buddies Clubs and Services is a membership-led  organisation and we ask all parents/ carers to complete membership forms prior to placing their child in any of our services. The annual family fee is £6.00 and the single parent fee is £3.00.

To download a membership form click here.

Room Fees

Baby/tweeny room 0-3:
Sessions are 08:50-12:00 and 12.30-15:30. 
3-5 room:
Sessions are 08:50-12.00 and 12.30–15:40. Lunch cover can be provided in both rooms.

Please enquire to find out about fees.

We are a partnership nursery with Glasgow City Council and all children age 3-5 are entitled to 5 free sessions. These will be planned with you by the nursery staff.