Aims & Objectives

3.1 The object for which the Company is established is to advance the education and to relieve the needs of adults and young persons of thirty five years and under (principally but not restricted to those residing in the Drumchapel, Yoker, Blairdardie, Knightswood, Kelvindale, Scotstoun and Broomhill districts of Glasgow) who by reason of mental and/or physical disability have special educational needs and by bringing them together with their able bodied counterparts, for safe, stimulating and supervised play and general social interaction to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities in order that such persons might be integrated more easily into society and to that end to educate and assist the young persons through their leisure time activities and otherwise by providing a centre for meetings, classes, games and other forms of leisure time occupation and for counselling, specialist treatment and rehabilitation, all for the benefit of the adults, young persons and their families.

The above statement is taken from The Memorandum and Articles of The Company.

Our main aim for our children and young people affected by disability is to give them the same access to play and leisure as other children and young people. All children have the right to play. This is particularly important for children aged 5-13 as this is the time they really learn to interact with their peers. Free play helps all children to develop and integrate into society.
From our play situations within after school, Sunday Club and our holiday schemes our other services have been developed to meet the growing needs of our young people and their families.
The more normal lives our families can lead the more opportunities there are for them within their local communities.  

All our brochures have a quote from ' MONTAIGNE' (1533-92)  
“It should be noted that children at play are not playing about ; their games should be seen as their most serious minded activity."